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My real name is Hellmuth Schomberg, and i was born in December, 1963. Currently I live in Wuppertal, Germany.

Some biography

My musical career started in 1976, when I started listening to a lot of pop music. I quickly went from Abba to Kiss to more sophisticated stuff. In 1981, I listened to records like 'Blackouts' by Ashra, 'Caught in flux' by Eyeless in Gaza, 'Leichenschrei' by SPK, and to '99 red ballons' by Nena...

1984 was a real landmark - 'e2-e4' by Manuel Göttsching was released. Since then I listened to it for about 1.500 times... and I still like it no less.

However, my interest in quiet music developed further. Records like Steve Roach's 'Quiet music', Ashra's 'New age of earth', 'Deep listening' by Oliveiros/Dempster/Panaiotis, 'Triadic memories' by Morton Feldman, 'The place where the black stars hang' by Lustmord, or 'Piercing music' by Robert Henke are found among many others in my CD collection.

Starting in about 1976, too, I learned to play classical guitar. I was quite lazy and not very talented, so I quit after 5 years. Meanwhile, my mother had bought a portable keyboard (a Yamaha, if i remember right) - coooool. I had been interested in keyboards all my childhood, although I very rarely got a chance to 'play'. In 1982, I had a Casio VL-1 as well - yes, the one the size of three cigarette boxes. I experimented with tapes and played very childish stuff.

Skipping the years to 1988, I then had a Casio CZ-1000 and a Yamaha DX-27. Oh yes, and the Alesis Microverb I still use. I love its sound. My father had just bought 'Inside the great pyramid' by Paul Horn, which sounded so simple yet elegant... I tried to play something similar, and it turned out to be the first of my music I consider to be worth releasing - and it will be.

Since then, my music and myself have developed constantly. Friends tell me my music can be listened to either if you concentrate on it or if you do something else while it plays - which I approve of. Light to the touch on the surface and worthwhile if you look closer - I could not wish for anything more.

I hope you enjoy my music as much as I do. I am looking forward to your comments (hs (at) matucana (dot) de).

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Hellmuth Schomberg
Talsperrenstr. 46
D-42369 Wuppertal
Email: hs (at) matucana (dot) de