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Three programs from my time with Atari ST, until 2003

Midi Sequence Generator, Atari ST
Interactive Sequence Generator, Atari ST
Casio CZ Software, Atari ST

Midi Sequence Generator, Atari ST

MSG is a program that allows you to generate and modify midi sequences in many different ways. More info on the MSG page!

Download program: msg_pgm.zip (159 kB), Updated 2001-08-30
Download manual: msg_manl.zip (117 kB), Updated 2001-08-30

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Interactive Sequencer, Atari ST

My most recent effort: Like MSG, the ISEQ (Interactive Sequencer) is planned as a collection of modules, in this case of (simple) midi controller modules. The first one is the GRID SEQUENCER, from an idea of the tireless Tim Conrardy. The second one is the ROGUE SEQUENCER with different loops for pitch, velocity, midi channel, length, and one controller.

Like MSG, it is something to fool around with and save the efforts as MIDI FILE.

And (BUGLE) its sends midi clock.

Screen shot of the GRID SEQUENCER:

Download program iseq.zip (43kB), Updated 2002-11-30

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Casio CZ Synthesizer

My second synthesizer (after a Yamaha DX-27) was a Casio CZ-1000. Since 1986, I have been using a CZ-1, and I bought a second in 2001! I always liked the sound. Of course it sounds like plastic, but only if I want to. Moreover, they have a wonderful quaint operating system, excellent for tweaking. It has even "hidden" parameters, not accessible from the synth itself! Selaed has studied and researched them thoroughly on his homepage .

By programming TWEA-CZ, I made these hidden parameters accessible from the Atari ST, a simple librarian and editor:

czedit.zip (36 kB), updated 2002-09-13, complete program with all files
alternative EXE-File, the Editor is entered via CTRL-click instead of double-click on the sound name (27 kB), Updated 2013-09-25

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