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Actual Deliverance Midnight sun To beat the feeling Spatial images Songs of sorrow and love Beyond hope Undertow of darkness Dark rooms Temple of the ash of Ra  

Various Songs


New Songs

D.R.O.N.E Played live on my Wavestation (2003) 19:25

31.369 kB, 220 kBit/s

I wanted the sun (2003) 17:20

27.916 kB, 219 kBit/s

Older Songs, not to find on an album

Love poem (for solo piano and reverberations) 11:24

10.704 kB, 128 kBit/s

Where there is hope, is hope
My contribution to the musical gallery at Kalvos,
created in response to the World Trade Center tragedy.

8.854 kB, 128 kBit/s

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