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Midi Sequence Generator - more info

Program start: make module
The program starts loading the make module where you can start immediately. On the other hand you have the possibility to adjust a lot of parameters beyond the 'surface' of this module.

You can adjust the limits for pitch and velocity directly, as well as scale ond key. Behind 'edit probab. table' you select other menus, where you can edit, how often a certain value of pitch, velocity or length will be generated:

Pitch and velocity table
Length table

You can edit these tables manually or generate them with:

Ascii table generator

Ami table generator

Math table generator

Sometimes it is nice to modify the limits of pitch or velocity in a single sequence. Please use the envelope module:

There is another function to generate a sequence (or, more precise, an aspect of it). With the conditional function, each posible values have one ore more (weighted) successors:
conditional 1

conditional 2

More modules to generate sequences:

The rhythmn module. Generates polyphonic sequences with eight editable instruments:

The graphic module. It displays any file on the screen and transforms it into a sequence:
graphic-modulmore Info

The morse module. Transforms texts into sequences

The draw module. Clicking in the grid genrates the sequence:

Last not least you can load a midi file.

You will want to display your generated sequences. You can choose this
editor 1

or this display

or if you want to see any component on an axis:

Now we come to the second important part of msg, the modification of events. Firstly, you have to select which events will be modified. You can do this with editor or display, but more controlled in the select module:

The selected events can be modified with the following modules.

Steve Reich's Drumming:

Modify 1 with more mathematic and computer specific possibilities, like reverse, sort, add, multiply, or ...
modify 1

Modify 2 is more 'musical':
modify 2

Musical are the batch functions, too:

Quite complicated but interesting is transform (for those who know: this is a matrix multiplication):

This is only a brief description of all the possibilities of MSG.

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