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Actual Deliverance Midnight sun To beat the feeling Spatial images Songs of sorrow and love Beyond hope Undertow of darkness Dark rooms Temple of the ash of Ra  


Deliverance (1989)



Distant Chanting


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Motions at Night


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The Quest


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This is - chronologically - my first music worth releasing. It was a time of searching for 'silent music'. I tried to walk the narrow path between sound, noise, ambience, and silence: I had in mind a vision of music more silent than silence - right now, in 1995, a rather youngish and presumptuous aim. In between Steve Roach released "Quiet music", and there are other musicians, e.g. Pete Namlook, who include 'ambient' sounds in their 'environmental music'. Something like that must have been on my mind.

However, my father just had bought Paul Horn's "Inside the great pyramid". I really admired it, and one evening I started to try on my own... This is the result. I played much more of this stuff, but that was just ridiculous. Only these five pieces (I canceled one piece of my MC for the CD format) are worth mentioning.

I did not intend to let the music sound like a real flute or limit my play to its natural range of pitch; I even offended against flute physics by playing a chord from time to time... I was carried away. So, do not pay any attention - listen, and relax.

I played this music in reverence for Paul Horn.

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