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Actual Deliverance Midnight sun To beat the feeling Spatial images Songs of sorrow and love Beyond hope Undertow of darkness Dark rooms Temple of the ash of Ra  

Spatial images

Spatial Images (1994)



Majestic Course


19.701 kB, 186 KBit/s


The Changeling

1. The time of betrayal
2. The passing of difference


26.038 kB, 195 KBit/s


The Farewell Bid

1. Memories
2. Promise
3. Farewell


38.859 kB, 210 KBit/s


Biding Farewell


9.054 kB, 128 KBit/s


White Flowers for the Night

1. Turning to you
2. Petals unfolding, as gently as your loving touch
3. A tentative scent, unfolding...
4. Moonlight - and a faltered dream
5. Before the rains
6. White flowers for the night


49.225 kB, 203 KBit/s


Dreams of Sun and Heaven

1. The dream of light
2. The dream of going forth
3. The dream of the other side


38.119 kB, 188 KBit/s


Love Song


8.122 kB, 177 KBit/s


2.252 kB, PNG


703 kB, PNG

Since I decided to concentrate on music, I always wanted to compose for an exhibition. So I gladly took this opportunity. A small but very nice new gallery, nice people, and beautiful paintings made me start to work on the music the day I offered to do it. I decided to split the two available stereo channels into mono, so I had to play four different pieces of music. They were replayed constantly and simultaneously. The sound ambience in each of the two rooms altered according to the position of the listener. Directly in front of each speaker one almost heard only one of the songs. However, on this record you hear the (slightly edited) original stereo versions. I have added two other tracks, "Biding Farewell" and "love song", which were not included in the exhibition music but were created in the same period.

The music played itself very quickly. This really surprised me, for normally I need quite a long time between new pieces of music. Each piece turned out to have its own character. I am very content and a little proud as well that I was allowed to play this music for the exhibition. Thank you who were and are involved, and thank you, listeners. I surely wil go on.

The cover painting is "Tryptichon" by Josef Niesen.

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